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Profiling measurements!

CL-profiler is the profiling solution for slip rings and commutators.
It offers a clear view on the out-of-roundness situation of your machine with a resolution of +/- 1Ám.
You can connect the profile probe to either your own computer or to an Ultra Mobile PC (optional) with Windows XP/VISTA/7/10.


  • The Windows-based software is designed with a very clear and simple to operate user interface.
  • Both during and after the measurement, all desired information is within reach. The data represented can be easily analyzed with smart zooming capabilities.
  • All measurement data, and perhaps more importantly all problem areas, can be implemented in a report by using the raw data, the generated jpeg-files or printed out for a clear overview.

The solution for all your profiling measurements!

Package content

  • CL-profiler on USB
  • ADP module
  • Magnetic hold clamp
  • Ultra Mobile PC (optional)
  • Calibration and CE certificate

       CL-profiler package
CL-profiler radial report
CL-profiler zooming
CL-profiler interface